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Engage digital proposals:

Start engaging with your clients using intuitive, interactive & informative proposals that win listings and help you to build an audience.

We’re launching new product templates every month

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That’s Engaging

It’s more than just proposals. Engage is an all-in-one closing tool. Now you can finally publish to perfection across every touch point with your customer across any stage of your marketing funnel.



From the first contact pre-list through to carefully considered appraisals and sales submissions through to follow-up price updates and market wrap ups.

Close more business with custom templates that suit your communication workflows.


Landing Pages

Property and suburb reports, area price updates, educational content and document presentation are all a click away with Engage.

If you’ve got existing marketing collateral, it can be digitised and tracked with Engage.




In early access to select clients register your interest today to take your contracts, agreements and more digital with instant online signing anywhere in the world and completely customised templates for your business.

Be accessible, everywhere your customers are

Engage gives you the ability to send one link that works everywhere, on all the latest operating systems and browsers, across any device from phones and tablets to the desktop.

3 ways Engage will
will set you apart

It’s no longer enough just to be invited in. You’ve got to be bringing your A-Game to every proposal. And delivering accessible information faster than the competition can imagine.

“Leads are 9x more likely to convert when you follow up within 5 minutes!”


to Win


Immediate Time Savings

You’ll spend minutes, not hours preparing comprehensive impressive documents that impress customers.


Beautiful & Customisable

Build templates yourself and re-use them instantly. Beautifully presented marketing has never come this easy, this fast.


Data &

Immediately track and qualify activity across your pages. Follow up with an informed and well timed approach.

Built for you &
built to scale up

It’s built for volume. And you’ll never have to worry about domain names, hosting issues, pages being inaccessible or slow to load. Engage takes all technical work out of your hands.

Whether you’re a single agent with an appetite for growth, or a national franchise with tens of thousands of prospects a month it’s built to handle any volume you can throw at it.

100% Responsive. Available Worldwide

Engage across

Engage digital pages are built to be accessible to customers of any level of technology proficiency, on any device they might own and even makes it easy to print instantly if your customers can’t access the internet or prefer to read things in physical formats.

Presented in a way anyone can consume the information across any device at any time of day or night that’s convenient for them. If your customers have busy lives like the rest of us, they’ll appreciate the opportunity you provide them to take the information they need, when they’re ready.

So whether they’re around the corner or halfway across the world you’ve got the right tools to communicate effectively with your audiences.

Integrated & Automated

Engage connects with your existing CRM and finds contacts and properties to pre-populate the bulk of the data needed to send a proposal or digital page. You’ll get proposals to customers in record time, right when they’re asking for the information.



Easily connect to CRMs and access the important pieces of customer and property data and have them placed automatically into your documents.


for you

Completely customise the type of data you store on anything from contacts, to projects and users to automate more than ever before.



Re-use your curated libraries of content across all your pages to increase consistency and quality.


Agencies across Australia and NZ trust in Engage to win them listings.

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The power of data, built in.

Engage doesn’t just collect data on who’s opening your proposals, we categorise the quality of views with advanced algorithms to tell you not just when a page is opened but how interested the viewer was.

Views are aggregated across pages, and across projects to give you a clearer picture on not just how interested a specific contact is, but how effective different page types and templates are at converting customers.


Lead Categorisation

Store your leads in categories that help you follow up on the most interested parties first. And focus your efforts for maximum results.


Data Analysis

View and interpret data more effectively with more system data tracking points than ever before, presented in more places.


24/7 Staff Member

Engage acts like a member of your team who never tires and never sleeps. Constantly watching and monitoring and making smarter suggestions.


"We realise every sale is not the same. With Engage, we have been able to focus on making sure our clients get really strong information rather than cookie cutter."

Cobden & Hayson


"It’s unquestionably the most customisable approach that we’ve had in this space before, which is what we needed and with the volume of sales that we were doing, it gave us a whole new different range of efficiencies."

Harris Real Estate


"It’s so so user-friendly. It’s email, it’s also text messaging. The feedback I’ve been getting from my customers and clients in relation to Engage, has been nothing short of fantastic. It just made our job so much easier to win more business and more importantly, get things out at a much faster pace."

Harris Real Estate

How it works


Create a proposal using professional prebuilt templates

Engage’s powerful easy-to-use editor produces stunning presentations with a responsive design. It can automate data entry across multiple projects and save you valuable time.


Respond to what they care about with relationship intelligence

Get a better picture on the communication history of your clients using Engage and deliver more value than your competition. With a personalised document, Engage will improve your customer experience no matter where they are.


Stay ahead of the competition with real time alerts & notifications

Engage provides 24/7 monitoring of your proposal activity. You will get notified as soon as your customer is actively engaging with content, how many times they’ve interacted with it and how far they’ve read, allowing you to know whom to call at the right moment.

the thousands of agents already winning with Engage

Amaze prospective sellers, and look great doing it.

You’ll get more proposals out in record time, always knowing that they’re perfectly styled and customised to your brand. With automatic personalisation for individual leads.

Personalised & Customised



Ready to click send? You will be. By customising templates yourself you’ll know you’ve always got the best looking pages ready to go at a moments notice.


No coding

The heavy lifting is done in the back end so you can focus on the finishing touches. You don’t need a web developer or designer anymore.


All Yours

No two proposals have to look the same. Choose from a huge library of template sections to build the ultimate pages, unique to you or your agency.

100% Responsive. Available Worldwide

100% Do it yourself
100% We can help too

We’ve crafted winning proposals for thousands of agents, hundreds of boutique offices and most of the largest franchise groups in the country.

We’re happy to provide you with the tools to hit the ground running and build your own beautiful pages (it’s really easy) but when you get stuck, or if you want advice and our expertise our highly experienced team can help you to build completely custom templates just for you.



Proposals opened per week



Proposals generated per week



Templates Designed

Are you ready to take your proposals to a whole new level?

It’s time to step up your sales game. Start using proposals that work for you. Engage provides a smarter way of producing beautiful and on-brand digital proposals that convert more leads to listings so you can focus on building and nurturing client relationships instead.

Engage is built for and used by smart and successful agents and agencies across Australia and New Zealand. Don’t get left behind.

The Cost of Success


Our products and services are competitive and affordable. If you don't see anything you'd like pricing on or you'd like to create exclusive packages or unlock volume discounts, contact us and we can talk to you through further options.

Subscription fees

Office Subscription

Unlimited users (per office)
$ 249 per month, per office

Single User Subscription

For individual users
$ 99 per month, per user
Set-up costs

Starting from ONE-TIME FEE

$ 1,950
Add ons

+ Property management

$ 149 per month, per office

+ Additional template

$ 950 per additional template
Engage Masterclass

Level up immediately with free training!

The industry's leading agents take advantage of the advanced technology and powerful automation Engage provides. And because they’ve loved engaging with their customers they’re coming here to engage with you and provide completely free training, and a sneak peek inside the techniques and listing strategies they use to win more listings.